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Meet Helena


HMI Travel, Inc. was founded in January 2011 by Helena Iorio. With over 17 years in the travel industry, Helena's passion and dedication have definitely earned her the moniker, "007."

Awards & Recognitions:  

Travel Agent Magazine's Top 25 Travel Agents

Travel Weekly's Silver Magellan Award for Innovation. 

Travel Weekly's Gold Magellan Award for Community Involvement

Travel Weekly's Luxury Travel Advisor Trendsetter Award

As one client puts it, "As a frequent traveler, I consider Helena the dream consultant; the one who understands that a client travels with more than just luggage and schedules.  She creates a solid connection between the individual traveler and all those who need to secure the right experience for him or her.  Helena creates travel experiences with the spirit of an architect. Every single piece of an itinerary has to connect with the needs and wants of her clients."


Helena says, "You have to truly care about your client's dreams. Regardless of the client's financial position or ability to travel, each person is looking for an indelible experience - that's where I come in." And Iorio doesn't mind the hand-holding that often times goes along with traveling.


In December 2010 Helena separated from one of the largest travel organizations in the world - American Express Platinum Travel Services. Multiple times during her five years with the company, she was honored to be named as one of American Express's top three consultants, company-wide. Her knowledge of the Platinum card and it's benefits, coupled with her own sense of true customer service, allowed Helena to foster amazing relationships with Platinum and Centurion members.


"The idea of starting my own business was actually born out of my desire to be more hands-on with my clients. When you work for large travel companies, the bottom line is always how many phone calls you've answered that day. Quantity does not always equal quality. Each person is different and each person should be treated as an individual. We're not selling cars or hamburgers. We're creating once in a lifetime experiences. It requires trust and rapport building." 


The philosophy of HMI Travel, Inc. is a simple one: Excellence...Always.

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