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The most exciting part of the trip is arriving at your destination.  The most IMPORTANT part of your trip is what happens before the packing.


HMI Travel, Inc. is a luxury-lifestyle travel consulting company. Our clientele includes CEO's of global enterprises, world-class artists, entertainment industry moguls and many other sophisticated travelers. Planning your travel, anticipating your needs and understanding your lifestyle are all part of creating indelible experiences. 


What we provide requires expertise, creativity, and global connections that cannot be accessed through traditional means or through today's do-it-yourself travel websites. Our clients realize the value that HMI brings to their lives from the very first connection with us.  In fact, it is the time we invest in our client relationships that have made us a stand out in the industry.


Our travel designs and innovation have made us an award-winning company. It is about getting to know you.  When you have dreams of your vacation, what do they look like? How do they make you feel? 


We work with you to design that dream itinerary, whether its an unforgettable excursion to the farthest reaches of the globe or a cross country getaway with family or your closest friends; it is all easily possible with a partner that understands and cares about the level of quality that you deserve and the lifestyle to which you are accustomed.


HMI works closely with our global connections who are also leaders in the industry. Additionally, we have many exclusive airline contracts which very often means lower fares for first and business class travel.  Refined accommodations,  unsurpassed world-class private tours,  and unique cultural experiences are all part of what we deliver to our clients time and time again. This is why when our clients make the decision to take their next journey, the only call they make is to HMI.

The HMI Experience


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SOme of our recent Designs

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