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Where do I begin? The honeymoon was INCREDIBLE!!!! The hotels, the car transfers, all the hotel staff - just perfection. The way you planned it was perfect!


When we landed we were so excited and had all the energy to see Florence - 3 days there is perfect. The J&J was wonderful as well. Fabulous patio, room was great, and perfect location...


Castello di Vicarello: Heaven. on. Earth. Aurora and Carlo Barti were above and beyond. I think Trevor and I weren't accustomed to the exclusiveness of the Castello, but we quickly changed that! It was a nice stop in the middle of our trip to really relax, rest and bask under the Tuscan sun.


Taormina was probably my favorite place out of the whole experience. The Grand Hotel Timeo is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Talk about feeling like the rich and famous. I was expecting Frank Sinatra or Hugh Grant to make an appearance at any second. I loved the old elegance to it, just classic and beautiful. If anything, I wish we spent more days there...


I will NEVER forget how amazing the honeymoon was - it was perfection and absolutely planned for Trevor and me.


Thank you so, so much for everything that you did.


                                                     -Avril R.

The Dream of a Lifetime Vacation

After working with Helena Iorio for years, there was no other person we would consider for our first family vacation to Europe. Helena takes great service to another level of excellence through her creativity, diligence and follow-up.  Her genuine interest in our needs, coupled with her unquestionable professionalism provided the comfort that “nothing could go wrong”.  We trust her like a good friend that “never lets you down”.


Our Dream Trip to Norway was to include a deep understanding and experience of the land of our ancestors from the Sognefjord region of Norway, with stopovers in historic Oslo and Bergen.  Helena’s arrangements included local guides on land and sea allowing us to have a genuine experience from start to finish.  We created new friends on this journey from my Grandparent’s homeland and could not have been more thrilled with this fascinating and unique experience!  Absolute perfection!


                                              -Ann D.

There is NEVER a question or a doubt, Helena ALWAYS delivers. Every person I have referred to HMI raves about the level of service provided.

                                                                                          - Allen C.




Helena can always be counted up to go to bat for us! Most important, our relationship has grown into a genuine friendship! She is the best!

                             -HOWELL B.



Hope your ears are burning, Helena, we are singing your praises constantly.  Thanks so much for all you did to make this so perfect! We have all vowed never to travel without you again!

                                                         -Nancy R.



You are terrific. Great work, with wonderful results. Thanks so very much.   

                               -Gerry S.



Croatia, St. Barths, Antarctica

Helena and I have had an ongoing professional relationship for about 6 years.  Using her expertise and resources, she has had an invaluable hand in helping to create very memorable travel experiences for my wife and me throughout the world.   I consider her a partner in creating these experiences and trust her knowledge and experience and resources greatly—so much so, that I have referred many friends, family and colleagues to her throughout the years.  She sent my son and his wife on a honeymoon of a lifetime to the Baltics, has arranged many itineraries to Europe and St. Barts for me and my family and we are currently in the planning stages of another memorable excursion to Antarctica.  There is no other person in the travel industry I would trust to make this magic happen!



                                                  -Bob F.



I spend my year in and out of the country, often in complicated travel plans...Helena not only gets it done seamlessly, she usually poses a better solution before you can contemplate it yourself. Helena provides a class of service that is beyond "First Class." It's a relationship that has changed the standard of my travels. If 5 stars is the highest she gets 10.

                                      -Paul S.


Thank you again for organizing a seamless trip for us. Really wonderful, thank you Helena! We look forward to working with you again and we will definitely recommend you to our friends!

                       -Jennifer H. & James S.




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We knew we were in
                         for a treat

Helena - Thank you so much for putting our honeymoon to Mexico/Costa Rica together! We left everything in Helena's hands and she exceeded our expectations by putting together the most perfect 10 day trip we could have imagined.


We started out days before our wedding receiving a beautiful package from Helena, which included our itinerary and a framed copy of our wedding song, translated into Spanish. We were so touched by this, and I’ve never had a travel consultant put this kind of personal touch on anything, ever.


When we arrived in Mexico, we knew that we were in for a treat. The staff greeted and waited on our every move the entire week. I attribute this to Helena’s relationship with the resorts she works with over everything else. When we arrived in Costa Rica, it was exactly the same.


I want to thank you again for making everything so special for us, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.


                                      -Tim and Cece R.


As a Director of Global Sales at Jumeirah I have had the privilege of working with great travel professionals, but the standard by which I've always met all my partners is Helena Iorio. 


I started working with Helena nine years ago, and out of the literally, thousands of agents I've met, Helena made a mark on me from day one. We met and I presented my hotel to her. She asked me if everything I presented was exactly the way I said because she loved my product and would sell it to her clients but only if she could count on me for support as a true partner, to deliver her clients the service and experience she was about to commit to. 


I had no option but to be honest and loyal to the kind of professional Helena is. Letting her and her clients down was never an option in my mind, and the partnership we have forged through the years has made us a successful duo in the delivery of the promises she makes to her clients. 


Individuals like Helena make our industry a very rich one.


         -Jose Montoya, Director of Global Sales

               Jumeirah Group

22 years later Memories
                              are made

Some of you know why we went to Port Douglas, Australia. For those of you who don't ... 22 years ago, I went to Melbourne Australia for a month on a McCormick business trip. I had been dating Jim for a few months prior to the trip.


McCormick offered me a 2 year assignment while I was there. Excited, I called Jim who was silent on the other end of the phone. Long story short, on the phone he pleaded me ... "Don't take the job!" I questioned him. He replied, "Don't take the assignment and come home!"  Well, I had no idea what he meant, but was hoping that he was going to tell me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I was in Port Douglas alone when I spoke with him, and went to a very unique restaurant that evening, called the Nautilus. It is above Port Douglas in a Rainforest. I had the most magical evening.  At that point, I made a vow to myself that if Jim and I ever married, I would bring him back to this restaurant "some day."  3 months later Jim proposed and 6 months after that we married.


Well, I followed through with my promise 22 years later with the wonderful help of Helena Iorio , my fabulous Tavel Consultant, who made it happen! My preferred travel schedule had us booked in Port Douglas for three nights. It was Helena's savviness and proactive foresight that checked with the Nautilus 6 months before we were planning to be there. She learned that on the dates we were there, they were closed! With her creative maneuvering she helped change our plans and make the reservation just so we could experience the special evening we've been dreaming about for 22 years! Thank you, Helena!



                                                    -Laura & Jim M.


Southern World has had the pleasure of working with Helena and looking after her clients in New Zealand. Helena is always very thorough in her dealings and provides us with an excellent platform to create the perfect itineraries. It is also a pleasure dealing with someone who has an excellent knowledge of New Zealand, which is a great asset for those calling on Helena's services.


                          -Tim Reid, General Manager

                                     Southern World, New Zealand






Helena Iorio is the absolute BEST.


I have been working with Helena for several years for all of my travel needs, both big and small. Some people may question why a travel consultant is necessary when the Internet provides instant access to travel resources near and far. Well, it's because when you've missed your connecting flight in Paris and don't speak French and it's 3:00 in the morning on the US east coast...the airline workers don't really care about you. Helena does. There's not been one time that Helena has not responded to my email/call/text within MINUTES. Literally. And typically (I have no idea how she does this), she's already prepared 3 or 4 solutions that slow the heart-pumping, am I going to be stuck here for days anxiety in its tracks. Not to mention, Helena is such a joy! There is always laughter in our exchanges, and I trust her implicitly.


Although we've never even met in person, Helena has become like a family member and I would recommend her to anyone, with any budget, who is looking to ease the stresses of traveling.


                                             -Mary B.

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